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Better Heat. Better Hair: Curling Irons

Blog Post: Better Heat. Better Hair: Curling Irons

Article: Better Heat. Better Hair: Curling Irons

Hair Care Advice

Better Heat. Better Hair: Curling Irons

We all love to add a little curl to our hair. It makes us feel, well, just a bit more put together, a bit more special, a bit more… je ne sais quoi. But we also know that too-high temperatures and prolonged exposure can lead to some of our biggest hair woes: heat damage and results that fall flat. The age-old conundrum…

Real Talk:

Too much heat causes curls to fall flat. With too little heat, we can’t change the natural pattern of our hair. But high heat or prolonged contact can overwork strands, resulting in the dreaded curl drop—not to mention dangers of damage.  T3 tools are developed to deliver just the right amount of quality heat so you can create the looks you want and trust that we’ll limit the damage.

Better Tools. Better Results.

Each curling iron we bring to market is special and goes through years of development and testing to ensure we’re delivering a curling iron that offers superior performance.  
Consistent Heat. Less Heat Damage.
A smart microchip measures temperature fluctuations multiple times per second, and high-performance ceramic heaters ensure uniform heat across the length of the barrel. The result? Perfect curls in a single pass, so your hair is never in contact with heat longer than necessary. 
Personalized Heat. Curls That Last.
What's the secret sauce to making curls last? Well, it’s a combination of things. Even and consistent heat but also the right level of heat. So, we’ve developed our tools to deliver just the right amount of heat based on your hair type. Because everyone has different heat needs.

But we’re pretty too.

While our engineers are working on testing and reworking how our tools perform, our product designers are working on the pretty details and the feel of the tool in your hand.  We aim to develop tools that are as pretty to look at as the styles you create with them.
We took inspiration from what’s happening in fashion, jewelry, and interiors to create a tool that makes your styling routine a moment.

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