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Why a Shower Head Filter for Your Hair Is Worth the Investment

Blog Post: Why a Shower Head Filter for Your Hair Is Worth the Investment

Article: Why a Shower Head Filter for Your Hair Is Worth the Investment

Hair Care Advice

Why a Shower Head Filter for Your Hair Is Worth the Investment

We all want beautiful, healthy hair—and if you’re anything like us, you invest in the best hair products and tools to ensure you get it. But what if the culprit of your hair woes appears before you’ve had the chance to pick up your go-to styling tools? We’re talking about Step Zero here, friends—the part that comes before you’ve even lathered up your favorite shampoo. Improving water quality with a good shower head filter for hair can ensure a clean slate for your styling routine and help protect hair’s healthy hydration to keep it soft and shiny. In other words, good hair starts in the shower.

Why try a shower head filter?

Show of hands if you get drinking water straight from the tap. Right, we didn’t think so. Most of us don’t trust municipal or well water for our palate or internal well-being, so why be so laissez faire with our hair and skin? Can tap water really do wonders for our sensitive strands? Probably not.
Even if water quality is something you’ve considered as a component of skin and hair health, the cost of hard water filtration systems or a soft water treatment can be pricey. So, let’s get acquainted with shower filtration. A filter with or without a shower head that adapts or connects to an existing shower pipe, shower water filters can help keep hair soft and hydrated (goodbye, frizz) in addition to ensuring a better clean. 

Is your water hurting your hair?

This calls for getting a little handy. Feel your hair. Does it feel dried out, or brittle? Does it look dull, and despite your best efforts (and big bucks on all the latest hair healers), your good hair days are few and far between? The culprit could be your shower water. Whether you have hard water or soft water, municipal or well, the water in your shower could be hindering your healthy hair efforts by either washing in harsh chemicals or leaving behind less-than-clean results. Regardless, it’s fair to consider shower water may be the source of your hair troubles. 

So, what's in your water?

Just like in Wonderland, things aren’t always what they seem. Your seemingly clean water may be crystal clear, appearing fresh and pure—but there could be microscopic hitchhikers pouring out of your tap keeping your hair from feeling fully clean and hydrated, like:
• Chlorine
• Iron oxide 
• Dirt and sediment contaminants
• Hydrogen sulfide
• Unwanted odors

How chlorine can affect hair.

Yes, we're talking about the same chemical that allows you to take a dip in the community pool on a hot summer day without contracting some unfortunate bacterial infection. Chlorine is also added to public drinking water to keep things bacteria-free. And, while chlorinated water’s great at keeping nasty bugs away, it can be a bit too strong for its own good (and ours). 
Chlorine is powerful enough to strip hair and skin of the natural oils that keep it smooth and healthy, which can lead to dried-out, damage-prone strands. Not to mention, it’s been found to cause a chemical reaction in hair that can change the appearance of its color (talk about pouring money down the drain). 

What is a shower head filter, and how does it work? 

As mentioned above, shower head filters are simply filters with or without a showerhead that adapts or connects to an existing shower pipe. Once attached (it’s easy, we promise), the shower water filter blocks free chlorine and impurities to help keep hair soft and hydrated. 
Our personal favorite, the T3 Source Shower Head, converts free-chlorine to harmless elements and removes dirt and odors, allowing for a better clean that helps keep hair’s natural moisture intact. The proven filtration system is a mineral mixture combining calcium sulfide, zinc, and copper to reduce free chlorine. The process, known as Redox, also helps to remove hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), iron oxide (rust water), dirt, sediment, and unwanted odors from water for a better, cleaner shower experience. The T3 Source Shower Head is a breeze to install—and once in place, upgrades every shower experience to feel like a hair care haven.
The installation process is a breeze—just unscrew the existing shower head from the pipe, clean the pipe threads, wrap plumbers tape clockwise around the pipe threads, and then screw the T3 Source Shower Head into place.
We’re big believers that better water equals better hair—and that a more relaxing wash day routine equals a better start (or end) to each day. In addition to the water filtration system, the T3 Source Shower Head features seven premium spray settings to improve water pressure and elevate your shower experience.

How can a filtered shower head help your hair?

Friends, this is the key question, right? Sure, cutting out chlorine and impurities is great for our overall wash day experience, but we’re talking aesthetics! What about the hair?
First and foremost, filtering your shower water provides hair with a fresh start that can help protect its healthy hydration. Ridding water of chlorine protects the scalp and hair’s natural oils that deliver needed moisture to each strand. These oils protect hair from dryness, brittleness, and breakage, while also preventing the scalp from drying out and overproducing sebum (win-win-win). Maintaining hair’s natural moisture provides a healthy radiance, leaving hair soft and shiny. 
A showerhead filter can eliminate exposure to chlorine and other unwanted additions to our water, ergo eradicating bummer dry, damaged hair. Bonus healthy hair tip: Using a shower head filter for hair removes dirt, sediment, contaminants, and unwanted odors (no, thank you) leaving hair looking and feeling cleaner.
So, the answer is…a filtered shower head helps hair by capturing chlorine and other invisible impurities before they can wreak havoc on your strands or further irritate existing scalp conditions. Filtered shower water helps hair retain natural oils and healthy moisture, allows it to shine with radiance and softness, and produces a better clean.

How long does a shower head filter last? 

Like all the filters in your life, shower head filters don’t last forever. The T3 Source Shower Head’s proven mineral filtration system helps reduce free chlorine and remove hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide, dirt, sediment, and odors. And, since the filter’s been working hard, capturing all of those unwanted additions formerly weighing down and beating up on your hair, it will eventually get congested, and its ability to properly filter will decline. For optimal results, you’ll want to replace your shower head filter every six months or 10,000 gallons, whichever comes first. 

Get the perfect clean with T3

We believe beauty begins in the shower—and that you should love your hair, every single day. The T3 Source Shower Head was created to give you a better clean, and to keep your hair healthy and hydrated with every wash. Not only is it a breeze to install, but with 7 premium spray settings, T3 Source makes every shower feel less like a chore and more like a spa-worthy self-care moment. Ready to upgrade your wash day routine? Tap into better water quality for healthier, more beautiful hair.

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