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Give (and receive) the gift of beautiful hair.

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DETANGLE DUO SETDetangling Brush + Wide-Tooth Shower Comb Set Sale price$30.00
FINAL SALESave 29%ULTIMATE BRUSH SET/a/_/a_03_volumebrush_hero-30_2400x2400_2.jpg
ULTIMATE BRUSH SETClassic 5 Hairbrush Collection Sale price$100.00 Regular price$140.00
T3 Switch Kit Wave Trio/n/e/newmodels_pdp_carousel_2400x2400_wavetrio_bna.jpg
SWITCH KIT WAVE TRIOStyling Iron Base + 3 Interchangeable Barrels Sale price$299.99
T3 Switch Kit Curl Trio/n/e/newmodels_pdp_carousel_2400x2400_curltrio_bna.jpg
SWITCH KIT CURL TRIOStyling Iron Base + 3 Interchangeable Barrels Sale price$299.99
Save 27%ULTIMATE STYLE SMARTER SET/a/_/a_01_fit_heroside_2400x2400_2_1_1_1.jpg
ULTIMATE STYLE SMARTER SETFit + Lucea 1" + SinglePass Curl 1.25" + Accessories Sale price$360.00 Regular price$489.98
Save 38%SWITCH KIT BESTSELLERS SET/n/e/newmodels_pdp_carousel_2400x2400_bestseller.jpg
SWITCH KIT BESTSELLERS SETStyling Iron Base + 5 Interchangeable Barrels Sale price$369.99 Regular price$599.95
Save 21%YOUR PERFECT HEAT MATCH SET/s/p/sp-stylemax-hero_1_3.jpg
YOUR PERFECT HEAT MATCH SETFeatherweight StyleMax + SinglePass StyleMax + Accessories Sale price$275.00 Regular price$349.98
SWITCH KIT CLASSIC TRIO/n/e/newmodels_pdp_carousel_2400x2400_wavetrio_bna_1.jpg
SWITCH KIT CLASSIC TRIOStyling Iron Base + 3 Interchangeable Barrels Sale price$299.99
BESTSELLERSave 40%SWITCH KIT COMPLETE SET/n/e/newmodels_pdp_carousel_2400x2400_completeset_1.jpg
SWITCH KIT COMPLETE SETStyling Iron Base + 8 Interchangeable Barrels Sale price$539.99 Regular price$899.92
Save 10%T3 Smooth ID set including T3 Smooth ID and Heat Resistant Storage Case for traveling/a/_/a_01_luceaid_heroalt_2400x2400_1_1.jpg
SMOOTH ID SET1” Smart Flat Iron + Heat Resistant Storage Case Sale price$279.00 Regular price$308.99
Save 21%Complete AireBrush Set including T3 AireBrush, T3 LUXE Turban Towel, and T3 Detangle Duo/h/e/hero_carousel_airebrush_2400x2400_r1_0001_6_1.jpg
COMPLETE AIREBRUSH SETAireBrush + Detangle Duo Brush Set + Turban Towel Sale price$165.00 Regular price$209.99
Save 29%ADVANCED BLOWOUT & SHINE SET/7/7/77530_lucea1.5_pdp_20220413_037_stackb-edit_1.jpg
ADVANCED BLOWOUT & SHINE SETFeatherweight StyleMax + Lucea 1.5" + Paddle Brush + Accessories Sale price$320.00 Regular price$449.98
Save 25%T3 Smooth ID smart flat iron + T3 Curl ID smart curling iron in one set, Heat ID Styling DuoHEAT ID STYLING DUO SET
HEAT ID STYLING DUO SETCurl ID Smart Curling Iron + Smooth ID Smart Straightening Iron Sale price$375.00 Regular price$498.00
Save 21%Salon Style at Home Set with T3 AireBrush and T3 CurlWrap/h/e/hero_carousel_airebrush_2400x2400_r1_0001_7.jpg
SALON STYLE AT HOME SETAireBrush + CurlWrap Sale price$275.00 Regular price$349.98
Save 25%SWITCH KIT EFFORTLESS TRIO/n/e/newmodels_pdp_carousel_2400x2400_effortlesstrio.jpg
SWITCH KIT EFFORTLESS TRIOStyling Iron Base + 3 Interchangeable Barrels Sale price$299.99 Regular price$399.97
Save 10%T3 Curl ID with its matching Heat Resistant Storage Case in white/a/_/a_01_curlid_heroalt_2400x2400_o_2.jpg
CURL ID SET1.25” Smart Curling Iron + Heat Resistant Storage Case Sale price$279.00 Regular price$308.99
Save 22%NATURAL CURL ENHANCER SET/s/t/stylemax_dryer_pdp_kg_2x_8.jpg
NATURAL CURL ENHANCER SETFeatherweight StyleMax + SinglePass Curl 0.75" + Accessories Sale price$290.00 Regular price$369.98
Save 20%DRY AND STYLE SET/f/w/fw-stylemax-hero_1_3.jpg
DRY AND STYLE SETFeatherweight StyleMax + CurlWrap + Accessories Sale price$320.00 Regular price$399.98
Save 21%BRUSH IN THE STYLE SET/e/d/edge_2400x2400-2_1_1.jpg
BRUSH IN THE STYLE SETFeatherweight StyleMax + Edge + Accessories Sale price$275.00 Regular price$349.98

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