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How to Style a Voluminous 90s Blowout with a Hair Dryer and Round Brush

Blog Post: How to Style a Voluminous 90s Blowout with a Hair Dryer and Round Brush

Article: How to Style a Voluminous 90s Blowout with a Hair Dryer and Round Brush

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How to Style a Voluminous 90s Blowout with a Hair Dryer and Round Brush

The 90s called. They said we can keep their bouncy, voluminous blowout as long as we like. Marked by big volume at the roots and soft bends at the ends, 90s blowout hair is one of our all-time favorite looks. There’s a reason this style has been going strong for decades. It’s equally effortless and chic, lasts for days, and plays well with just about any cut—from a bob, to shoulder-grazing layers, to lots of length.

By now, you’ve seen endless variations of this look (faux blowout, anyone?), but there’s something about a classic voluminous blowout that can’t be beat. Of all the blow dry hairstyles in our repertoire,this one has a reputation for being a little tricky to style. But with the right technique, it can be a breeze. The best part? This 90s blowout technique only requires a quality lightweight hair dryer, a round brush, a few clips, and a little know-how. Hairstylist Denise Madrigal is here with the T3 Featherweight StyleMax hair dryer in hand to take us through the process, step by step.

The Prep

First things first: start with freshly washed, detangled hair. Apply heat protectant and follow with any other products you prefer—Madrigal recommends using a root spray to get a little extra lift. Rough dry hair until it’s about 80% dry, then grab your sectioning clips. Divide front pieces at your hairline into three sections, then clip them up and out of the way. 
Next, gather your tools. When it comes to choosing the best brush for blow drying, you can’t go wrong with a ceramic-coated round brush. Madrigal uses the T3 Volume 2.5, but you can swap it out for a 2” round brush, like the T3 Volume 2.0, if you’re working with less length or shorter layers.
If you’re following Madrigal’s lead and styling with the T3 Featherweight StyleMax, attach the Styling Concentrator, enter your hair texture, and choose Volume Style Mode. T3 StyleMax Technology will auto-adjust heat and speed to your perfect settings, and you’re off to the races. 

The Technique

Start by styling your top sections one at a time, beginning with the sections nearest your temples. Roll the brush toward your face, following with your hair dryer, and continue until the section is completely dry. Hold the brush in place for a few seconds as the section cools. Then release, roll the hair back up toward your face, and pin it in place. Split the section at the center of your hairline in two. Repeat this same process, directing the section closest to your crown away from your face, and the section closest to your forehead toward your face. Pin each section in place to cool.

While your top layers cool off, dry the bottom half of your hair, again following your round brush with the hair dryer. For maximum shine, Madrigal recommends angling the dryer downward to help smooth out any frizz and lay the cuticle down flat. Continue until the bottom half of your hair is completely dry. When your pinned sections have completely cooled off, remove the pins and release each section. Shake it all out with your fingers, and you’re all set with big, bouncy volume.

The Refresh

Another reason to love this classic blowout technique? With a few simple tricks, it’s easy to extend this style through your next wash day. To restyle on day two or three, we like using a curling iron with a larger barrel, like the 1.5” barrel from the T3 Switch Kit curling iron set. Treat your roots with dry shampoo if needed, then section hair. Curl each section, mimicking the direction above, and pin in place to cool. 
For a sleeker take on your day-two refresh, pick up the T3 Edge heated hair brush to restore shine and smooth any overnight flyaways. Section hair and brush through each section, curving the brush at the ends to create soft bends. A ceramic surface and nylon bristles will do the heavy lifting for you, smoothing out lengths and ends while maintaining volume at the roots.

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