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How to Style Short Hair: 3 Favorite Hairstyles

Blog Post: How to Style Short Hair: 3 Favorite Hairstyles

Article: How to Style Short Hair: 3 Favorite Hairstyles

Styling Help

How to Style Short Hair: 3 Favorite Hairstyles

Maybe you chopped a few inches for summer, or maybe you simply want to refresh your look. Either way, short haircuts are feeling very of-the-moment, and we’re feeling inspired. Whether you have fine hair, curly hair, straight hair, or stick hair, we've got styling tips to help you feel fresh in your new do! Follow along as Anita shows us 3 easy ways to style short hair.

Mermaid Waves

Who says mermaids have to have long hair? Beachy waves on short hair are a breeze with T3 flat irons and this simple hair styling technique.
Of the endless ways to use a flat iron, this is our current favorite to pair with a short haircut. Start by sectioning your hair and choosing the right heat setting for your hair type. Clamp a section of hair and rock the T3 Lucea 1” back and forth from root to tip. For maximum volume, make the bends closest to your scalp the biggest.
So simple. So effective.

70s-Inspired Blowout

Fluffy, voluminous, and totally back in style. It’s easy to give yourself an at-home 70s blowout with the T3 AireBrush Duo. And most importantly - don't forget those quintessential flipped-out curtain bangs.
If you're sporting a shorter haircut, the T3 AireBrush Duo can help create sky-high volume that's pivotal to a disco-era blowout. Start with damp hair and choose your heat setting. We recommend starting at a lower heat setting and working your way up - especially if you have damaged or fine hair. Before you begin, section your hair to ensure your swoon-worthy short hairstyle stays smooth and frizz-free. As you style, curve the bottom sections of your hair inward, and alternate directions as you work your way up to top layers. 
If you're rocking curtain bangs, style them away from your face to get that iconic '70s swoop.

Effortless With a Twist

This short hairstyle look says laidback yet polished. For any length, from a bob haircut to slightly longer hair grazing your shoulders, loose waves never go out of  style. Finish it  off with a hair clip or two, and you have a look ready to take you from day to night. 

Start by using a curling iron like the T3 SinglePass Curl X 1.25". Section your hair into three sections and then begin to curl away from your face. As you style, mix up the curl direction for a more natural look. If you have curtain bangs, less is more - move faster so the curls aren't too tight. 

Once you've achieved perfectly  wavy hair, add a decorative bobby pin or a couple clips for an eye-catching finish.

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