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Designed to limit damage without skimping on results, StyleMax tools auto-customize heat to your hair texture and styling goals.

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BESTSELLERT3 Featherweight StyleMax dryer with four attachments including 2 concentrators, diffuser, and smoothing comb/f/w/fw-stylemax-ba1_2.jpg
FEATHERWEIGHT STYLEMAXProfessional Hair Dryer with Automated Heat Technology Sale price$199.99
BESTSELLERT3 SinglePass StyleMax automated flat iron/s/p/sp-stylemax-ba1.jpg
SINGLEPASS STYLEMAXProfessional 1" Flat Iron with Custom Heat Automation Sale price$149.99
Save 21%YOUR PERFECT HEAT MATCH SET/s/p/sp-stylemax-hero_1_3.jpg
YOUR PERFECT HEAT MATCH SETFeatherweight StyleMax + SinglePass StyleMax + Accessories Sale price$275.00 Regular price$349.98
Save 29%ADVANCED BLOWOUT & SHINE SET/7/7/77530_lucea1.5_pdp_20220413_037_stackb-edit_1.jpg
ADVANCED BLOWOUT & SHINE SETFeatherweight StyleMax + Lucea 1.5" + Paddle Brush + Accessories Sale price$320.00 Regular price$449.98
Save 22%NATURAL CURL ENHANCER SET/s/t/stylemax_dryer_pdp_kg_2x_8.jpg
NATURAL CURL ENHANCER SETFeatherweight StyleMax + SinglePass Curl 0.75" + Accessories Sale price$290.00 Regular price$369.98
Save 20%DRY AND STYLE SET/f/w/fw-stylemax-hero_1_3.jpg
DRY AND STYLE SETFeatherweight StyleMax + CurlWrap + Accessories Sale price$320.00 Regular price$399.98
Save 21%BRUSH IN THE STYLE SET/e/d/edge_2400x2400-2_1_1.jpg
BRUSH IN THE STYLE SETFeatherweight StyleMax + Edge + Accessories Sale price$275.00 Regular price$349.98
FINAL SALET3 Smoothing Comb compatible with select hair dryers/t/3/t3_comb_2000x2000_300dpi_en-us_03.png
SMOOTHING COMBAireLuxe, Featherweight StyleMax, + Featherweight 3i Hair Dryer Comb Attachment Sale price$30.00
SOFTTOUCH 3 DIFFUSERAireLuxe, Featherweight 3i + Featherweight StyleMax Finger Diffuser Sale price$30.00
FINAL SALECONCENTRATOR/r/p/rpd009_fw3i_conc_white_narrow_2400x2400_1_1.jpg
CONCENTRATORAireLuxe, Featherweight StyleMax, + Featherweight 3i Hair Dryer Replacement Part Sale price$6.00

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