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Better Heat. Better Hair: Flat Irons

Blog Post: Better Heat. Better Hair: Flat Irons

Article: Better Heat. Better Hair: Flat Irons

Hair Care Advice

Better Heat. Better Hair: Flat Irons

Straighten, wave, bend, curl. Wielded properly, a flat iron can create just about any look. If you consider this multitasker one of the most-loved tools in your kit, you need one you can trust to get the job done while minimizing heat exposure and styling time. T3 flat irons are expertly engineered to do just that. Fast styling. Less damage. And smooth, shiny results–every time.

Real Talk:

90% of people think they need to turn up the heat to get smooth, sleek results. But we’re here to set the record straight. For your best results, you need heat that’s just right for your unique hair (and that may be lower than you think). 
From fine to medium to coarse hair, heat penetrates strands at vastly different rates. Put simply, one heat setting does not fit all. T3 flat irons come equipped with 9 temperature settings, so you can personalize heat to your hair type and texture—and get glossy, frizz-free results with no excess heat.

Better Tools. Better Results.

Powered by Rapid HeatIQ technology, T3 flat irons deliver advanced heat precision to straighten or style any hair type in just one pass. We’re talking shiny, frizz free results—fast.

Precise Heat. Shinier Hair. 

Even Heat. Less Damage. 

Years of testing and surveying flat iron users have taught us that you’ve set your sights on two things: fast styling and damage reduction. As a result, we engineered T3 CeraSync™ Heaters to synchronize heat across both plates. No hot or cool spots = one-pass styling with minimized heat exposure.  


It’s In the Details

Throughout our design process, we work with engineers, stylists, and users of all skill levels to fine-tune every detail. From CeraGloss™ ceramic plates for an effortless glide, to ThermaTouch™ Technology for comfortable styling, and a PrecisionControl Hinge for optimal tension, T3 flat irons are tested and perfected to deliver a best-in-class styling experience.

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